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The flip side

Erm, it's Thursday night. So anyway this is the flip side to New Zealand. A long hard day with little result. I probably fished around 7 or 8 miles of water - I was going to time the walk out but managed to score a lift on a remote and private road from a guy who had learned the Double Haul through 'loops, no less! (That was lucky).
I'm fishing water I've never fished before but that's nothing new. There are not many fish here! I don't mind that so long as they're BIG. But they weren't; I landed two small fish, one of four pounds the other three. Lost one of around 6 or 7 when he took off around some rocks. Missed two, one when there was too much slack between the nymph and the dry and the other when drag set in as the fish turned on the nymph and so I threw lots of slack - got the take, missed the set. And that's it! Spooked one with the nymph (that happens although why a fish can spook on a nymph that other fish are taking is beyond me) and had a throw at one other who probably knew I was there. Four fair shots at fish the entire day and lots of blind holes. So tomorrow I'll try another river - one known to hold a few BIG fish...
PS Flyfishers Bum unintentional.

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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