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The Launch - part 9

The Launch!

Top performance here as shown by Jon Allen, superior distance casting specialist. Notice the all-important good form as captured on camera. Look, for example, at the way Jon sticks his bum out a little bit as he strives for that extra distance.

Jon, "When distance casting you have to try anything and everything, I have found that by sticking my bum out a bit that I can get an extra six inches reach or the forward delivery. Remember: distance casting isn't just about being in the peak of physical condition, in spite of anything Pete says"
Pete, "Yo hat-dude, bring out the other inch tape, I feel like I'm winding up for a Sutton-clonker"
Jon, "Bring it back fit man, that's one cast I'd like to rumble"
Paul, "My turn"

3, 2, 1...

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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