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Picture of the Day
The Launch - part 19

The Shoot Out...
Pete takes the lead, the battlefield is smoky...
Jon, "Goddamit, I can't see a damn thing"
Paul, "Who turned on the smoke machine?"
Jon, "Who said that?"
Paul, "It's me, Paul"
Jon, "Ah Paul, where are you?"
Paul, "Over here, where are you?"
Jon, "Why, I'm right here - where did you say you were again?"
Paul, "Here! Still in the same place. How did you get over there?"
Jon, "Where?"
Paul, "I dunno, wherever you are?"
Jon, "Is that you Paul?"
Pete, "A 55 YARD SPECIAL!"
*significant pause*
Jon and Paul, "Bollocks"
Pete, "I do believe you guys get to buy me lunch - and I'm famished!"

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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