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The Launch - part 18

The Shoot Out continues...'s a long cast from Pete, Jon "hooks one up", but it goes the wrong way, a Sutton CLONKA!, Jon tries sticking his bum out, Pete varies the haul timing and blasts out an AAPGAI special, Jon points out that Pete's feet are over the line and therefore his last three casts didn't count, Pete says Jon's an arse and that he should pay more attention to his casting and where his own feet are, Jon says bollocks and that if Pete didn't drink so much beer he'd be able to see where his feet were in the first place, Pete suggests that Jon has a fetish for feet, Jon suggests Pete gets on with it and stops time-wasting, a Sutton CLONKA!, Jon hooks one up...

Pete, "At this point I was slightly in the lead, and Jon was looking worried"
Jon, "I wasn't worried, I was in fact concentrating"
Paul, "Can we have lunch now?"
3, 2, 1...

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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