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The Launch - part 17

The Shoot Out!

...and they're off... an early lead taken by Pete Sutton with a 43 yard special, Jon quick to pull back with a 49 yard Torpedo, Pete quickly recovers and throws 38 yard lunker with the DT, Jon throws a wild cast into the willow trees, and then it's a Sutton CLONKA! various onlookers have to be rushed to hospital suffering from shock and minor burns, Jon throws another one into the willows, yet another Sutton CLONKA! and then Pete gets himself into a bit of a tangle, and then Jon "hooks one up"...

Pete, "Shit, all my backing's tangled around my feet"
Jon, "At this point it was neck and neck but something told me that I had the edge"
Pete, "Bloody hell, is this a nameless manufacturer's - possibly from Wales - backing?"
Paul, "Can we have lunch now?"
3, 2, 1...

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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