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Deer Hair Sedge 2

It's the Operation Stealth of flytying. Sure, we're experimenting; these are our footsteps. You have to have your wits about you on this site, otherwise you'll miss ze barb. Wing: mystery location Deer Hair, tied and 2/3's clipped, the remainder of which brought forward and tied in again (don't you just love these directions - that's why I'm a flycaster). Body: blended fur in colours of your choice, but a caddis colour would be most appropriate. Rib: mono. Thread: yes. Unidentified objects: several. How appropriate that Ben's on holiday and it's Thursday. Trichoptera sounds a lot like Tortuga, doesn't it. Flytying coincidence or Sexyloops synchronicity?

Edited by Paul
for more info on hair stacking click here Sean in the search for fluff the whipfuck...

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