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Extra Fin

I caught this fish while fishing with my dad on the Mataura near Athol in late November 08. It took a single size 16 nymph and fought like hell. Obviously a healthy fish, weighed about 3lbs. I considered killing the fish for science but had no idea where to take it so she (think it was a she!!) went back. The extra fin was not a deformity, all the other fins were there and in the right place. This extra worked and pivoted from a knuckle like a pectoral fin and was dead center just behind the head. You can see the fin working in one of the release shots. I guess this fin is an advantageous mutation so they may be a few more caught in the next few years. Anyone ever seen anything like this? Much better odds catching a double on this trip which I have not!!

Stuntman Ronan..

Edited Stuntman Ronan
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