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Picture of the Day
PoD 17, part 4

Garry, "What is it?"
Aaron, "It's Six-pound Sean!"
Garry, "I can see that, but what's he doing?"
Camo-Guy, "And why's his face so distorted?"
Jim, "This is really weird"
Deano, "Who found this picture?"
Deano, "10-3"
Paul, "Erm, I think it was me"
Six-pound Sean, "Bollocks, if you guys don't take this seriously *I'm* going to search Paul's hard drive"
Aaron "That's fine by me"
Camo-Guy, "Yeah well, I think Sean has a point and we should devote all our attention to this very serious issue"
Deano, "Me too, I don't know what pictures Paul has in his laptop and I don't want to find out either, I mean, good point Camo-Guy, let's help out brother Sean"
Six-pound Sean, "Too late guys, I'm going in..."
Camo-Guy, "Quick, quick, grab his feet!"
Jim, "And the net, somebody grab the net!"
Garry, "I've got a shoe! Look, I've got a shoe!"
Six-pound Sean, "Ummphh, gerrofff, ummpphh"
Paul, "You can't go in there Sean; it's dangerous... and stop kicking me dammit"
Deano, "Where did he go?"
Camo-Guy, "Oh no, this is really bad"
Jim, "What are you worried about? I travelled with Paul for over a month, I'll have to shave my head, become a monk, shoot myself"
Paul, "Don't worry, he'll never find his way around; it's murder in there"
to be continued...

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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