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Picture of the Day
PoD 17, part 3

Camo-Guy, "Found it! Didn't take too long, did some cool Stealth stuff and bingo, here it is: the Missing PoD 17. Looks rather good if you ask me"
Six-pound Sean, "Erm, Camo-Guy, this is not missing PoD 17, it's a picture of you"
Camo-Guy, "Oh, look at that, so it is, well I never"
Garry, "I thought the missing pic came from the series 'Sean and Paul go fishing'"
Jim, "Yes Camo-Guy, how do you explain that?"
Camo-Guy, "Well maybe I dropped in to show these guys some cool Stealth stuff"
Six-pound Sean, "Bollocks"
Paul, "That's despicable"
Camo-Guy, "Okay, I'll go and have another look"
Deano, "No, no, let me try"
Deano, "erm, 10-3"
Aaron, "Look guys, this isn't happening, what do we think this picture looks like?"
Six-pound Sean, "Why it's a picture of me and a six-pound trout looking cool"
Jim, "Shouldn't be too hard to find"
Paul, "Maybe he caught it out the sea?"

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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