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Picture of the Day
PoD 17, part 2

Paul, "Yeah, missing PoD 17, well that was quick and what a cool picture, lucky for us we're experts at this, for some people this would have taken months, maybe years, and we find it in one day, well done guys, now where's the red wine and chillies? We should celebrate our good fortune and get randomly drunk"
Six-pound Sean, "Bollocks. Everyone can see that is a picture of you and not me and a six-pound trout"
Jim, "Yes, come on Paul, you didn't think we'd fall for that one did you"
Paul "Maybe"
Camo-Guy, "Paul, if you can't take this seriously you should just let go and go fishing, this stuff is important, it's why we wear camo"
Deano, "And use the walkie talkies"
Deano, "10-3"
Paul, "Right, I get it now"
Gary, "Maybe we should drink some wine anyway"

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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