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Picture of the Day
PoD 17, part 17

S-PS, "Well lads, another Mugwai Hunters success story"
CG, "We're unstoppable now"
G, "Old Muggers sure has met his match this time"
D, "10-3"
A, "Erm, guys..."
S-PS, "I'm beginning to think we're on top of the world"
D, "We are on top of the world Six-Pound, we're world shakers"
CG, "Revolutionaries, rebels, people who get things done"
A, "Erm, I think..."
G, "We're anarchists, that's what we are"
D, "Yeah camouflage anarchists, 10-3"
P, "You won't catch us doing the same thing twice, or once even"
J, "Bring on the Mugwai, with our precision skills we'll get Old Muggers this time, that's for sure"
CG, "Yeah, and a little bondage wouldn't go amiss"
A, "Guys, I think the Pulsewagon is stuck..."

Edited by Paul

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