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Picture of the Day
PoD 17, part 16

S-PS, "Ta-da!"
CG, "Brilliant, a nice little rainbow!"
G, "Amazing!"
D, "That's a 10-3 from me too"
A, "Look he's wearing your waders Camo-Guy"
CG, "Good observation skills Little Fellow, he is indeed, and very cool they look, even if I do say so myself"
D, "Camouflage waders, a fantastic idea, and I didn't even see them! he he he"
CG, "ha ha ha, that's because they're camouflage"
D, "he he he, the next best thing to camouflage undies!"
CG, "Camouflage undies? Kinky!"
D, "Yeah and camouflage STOCKINGS, 10-3"
CG, "And camouflage PETTI-COATS"
D, "Camoflage petti-coats, nice one Camo-Guy!"
CG, "Thanks brother Deano, and camouflage BRAS"
D, "Oooh yeahhh, and camouflage SUSPENDERS!"
A, "Guys, guys, do we have to go through this every time someone mentions camouflage?"
D, "Are you into bondage Camo-Guy?"
CG, "I'm into everything Dean-bro, give me some camouflage rope, a couple of nubiles..."
S-PS, "Notice the clever way I'm returning this fish"
CG, "...some oil, a little vibrating thing..."
G, "Yes, Sean, that looks highly skilled if you ask me"
CG, "...a banana..."
S-PS, "Yes, I get lots of practice"
A, "A banana?"
CG, "...peep-hole bras, some ostrich feathers (they're always good)..."
A, "What the hell does he need a banana for?"
CG, "...a couple of six-inch nails, a long bendy tube, some candles..."
CG, "Oh and a teapot"
D, "Yeah, I'm into that"

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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