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Picture of the Day
PoD 17, part 15

S-PS, "And here's another one!!"
CG, "Well done Six-pound Seanie, awesome detective skills"
G, "Amazing!"
D, "Even better than the last one, 10-3"
P, "Nymph or dry, Sean?"
S-PS, "Nymph, size 18, on a Sexyloop"
D, "Brilliant bit of fishing"
A, "Wow, look big your head is!"
CG, "It is rather large - now that you point it out, little fellow"
G, "My goodness, so it is!"
D, "It's all a matter of perspective, you have to remember that things that are closer look larger on camera, notice the stones for example and contrast those to the size of the trees"
CG, "Good point there Dean-bro, I'm pleased someone is awake"
J, "Something about this photo seems familiar..."
CG, "Of course it does Jimbo, that's brother Sean there"
J, "Hmmm...."

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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