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Picture of the Day
PoD 17, part 14

S-PS, "Ladies, Gentlemen and fellow Mugwai Hunters, I am proud to reveal the Missing PoD 17, which just so happens to be a cool pic of me and a 6lb trout... Ta da!"
CG, "Well done Six-pound Seanie, we knew you had it in you!"
G, "Yes well done, congratulations, and such a remarkable photo"
D, "An all action shot if ever there was one, 10-3"
P, "Fantastic, what a marvellous fish, yet another Mugwai Hunters success I feel, well done Sean... and you're so photogenic!"
A, "Funny how catching big fish can make you so big-headed!"
CG, "Yes little fellow, just imagine how big our heads will be once we've caught the Mugwai!"
G, "Like balloons!"
D, "I've already got quite a big head, so mine's going to be enormous, 10-3!"
All (apart from Jim), "ha ha ha ha :-))"
Jim, "There is something unusual about that photo that I just can't put my finger on"
CG, "Yes, it does look a bit odd now that you mention it Jimbo"
J, "Hmmm...."

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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