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Picture of the Day
PoD 17, part 13

A, "My goodness, where's the engine?"
C-G, "It's a van, little fellow, the engine's under the seat"
A, "Under the seat?"
C-G, "Yes 1.6 litres of awesome power"
A, "1.6 litres? That's not very much"
C-G, "Depends how you use it"
S-PS, "Guys, guys, this is not helping us in the search for missing PoD17"
D, "And look! Someone has left half his clothes in there"
P, "That's the drying room, Deano"
J, "One thing that's always bothered me is whether the front of a van is a bonnet or a boot"
C-G, "Well it's a bonnet obviously, you'd have to be pretty dumb not to know that Jimbo"
G, "Now wait a second Camo-Guy, technically you may be right, but in this case the front of van is a storage area and not an engine compartment... making it a boot"
A, "Bollocks! The boot is always at the rear of the car, everyone knows that"
J, "But the Pulsewagon is not a car, little... I mean Aaron"
D, "OK lets say that it is a boot, what then? 10-3"
C-G, "How can it be a boot? It's a Pulsewagon, the entire back of the van is a boot. The front is a bonnet"
D, "But what I'm saying is *what if* it was a boot, what then? 10-3"
A, "Then you'd be wrong"
G, "Not technically, in fact you'd be quite correct"
S-PS, "Guys, guys, how is this helping us find missing PoD17? It doesn't matter if it's a bonnet or a boot, those are just words, the fact is we know it's there, this space in the front of the Pulsewagon, where Paul dries his clothes, whether it bonnet be or boot be is inconsequential, what matters now is that we find this Missing Pod 17, for therein lies our destiny"
C-G, "Well I still think it's a bonnet"
G, "Boot"

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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