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Picture of the Day
PoD 17, part 12

A, "While we are talking about the Pulsewagon..."
S-PS, "We're not talking about the Pulsewagon, we're searching for the missing PoD 17..."
A, "...someone has tied socks to the roof-rack"
S, "...which is a cool pic of me and a 6-pound trout incidentally"
J, "Maybe it was Mick?"
C-G, "The bastard!"
S-PS, "I can't believe that Paul lost my picture"
G, "Who on earth would tie socks to the roof-rack?"
J, "Maybe it was Mick?"
D, "That's a 18-2-zero-2"
D, "erm, 10--3"
A, "Isn't that smell Jim?"

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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