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Picture of the Day
PoD 17, part 10

Deano, "Hang on Camo-Guy, just because it says Mick, doesn't mean dick, it could still mean MICK, you have to remember that everything happens for a reason"
Jim, "So you are saying that in spite of the probability that Mick wrote his name on the back of the Pulsewagon for a joke..."
C-G, "The bastard!"
Jim, "...that it could mean something entirely different to us?"
Deano, "Exactly!"
Garry, "Like what?"
Deano, "Well I'm pretty sure that M stands for Mugwai for example"
Jim, "Yes I get it now"
C-G, "Well I still think Mick's a bastard!"
Aaron, "Mugwai In CreeK?"
Deano, "Now you're getting it!"
P, "Well while we're travelling down this road, I should like to point out that in this case it could in fact be MIICK - look at the double finger mark, an obvious sign if ever there was one"
Garry, "Now your just being stupid, Paul"
Deano, "No actually there could be something in that; you have to consider every possibility"
Paul, "Or in fact it could mean Mugwai Isn't in CreeK... see Garry?"
D, "Now you're being stupid, Paul"
S-PS, "Actually I think that would make more sense"
C-G, "I think we should find this Mick bastard and ask him"
Aaron, "Hasn't the Pulsewagon got small wheels?"

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Edited by Paul

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