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Picture of the Day
PoD 17, part 1

Camo-Guy, "So what happened Six-pound Seanie?"
Six-pound Sean, "Well there we were, doing a cool series about Paul and I going fishing, and then the numbers got mixed up and we went hexadecimal or something and Paul lost picture 17, which must have been a cool picture of me and a six pound trout"
Camo-Guy, "Have you ever caught a six-pound trout, Seanie?"
Six-pound Sean, "Maybe"
Camo-Guy, "When?"
Six-pound Sean, "Before"
Camo-Guy, "What, before now?"
Six-pound Sean, "Yes that's it, before now"
Deano, "Well that's despicable"
Paul, "Hello Deano, what are you doing here?"
Deano, "While you and Six-pound Sean have been playing at 'Sean and Paul go fishing', me and Camo-Guy have been hiding in the bushes with the walkie talkies, doing cool stealth stuff... 10-3"
Paul, "Right"
Deano, "Cool top by the way"
Paul, "Yes, it's camo"
Guy, "Just because you have done something sensible for once and bought yourself a camo top, doesn't make you a Stealth Master, Paul"
Deano, "No you need camo socks"
Guy, "Yeah, and camo long johns"
Deano, "Yeah camo long johns, good one Camo-Guy"
Guy, "Thanks dude. And camo WADERS"
Deano, "He he he, and camo HATS"
Guy, "Yeah camo hats, cool, and camo EARRINGS"
Deano, "Yeah, erm, what?"
Guy, "No, no, I mean camo EARS"
Deano, "Yeah, camo EARS, yeah, nice one Camo-Guy"
Guy, "Unless you're a WOMAN Stealth Master - they have camouflage earrings"
Deano, "Yeah... can women be Stealth Masters?"
Guy, "Dunno... and camo UNDERPANTS"
Six-pound Sean, "Guys, guys, this is not helping us find missing PoD 17"
Jim, "Six-pound Sean is right, this sounds like a mission"
Garry, "We're not going to go looking for sheep again are we?"
Aaron, "I'm fed up feeding sheep, I want some action"
Guy, "Jim's right (for once), we have a mission, The Missing PoD 17 Mission"
Deano, "We'll need some stuff, like rope, facepaint and camo GLOVES"
Guy, "Camo gloves, good one Deano. And camo FLIES"
Deano, "Quick, let's go into the bushes and talk through the walkie talkies"
Guy, "Yeah, and camo LINES..."
Deano, "10-3"
to be continued...

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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