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Ice Training

It's all about to happen, which is starting to concern me. I'm back in Hungary, and as you can see here in Naggashagga it's Big Snow time, which is fantastic of course. Today I went Ice Fishing for the first time ever, which was an experience. I'll put that PoD together this week, while in this one just hinting at the ice. Here you can see the Vosseler drag system has run into a technical problem. This was my fault of course because I was using it for Ice Entry. The rest of the PoD is of course me in serious training for February's Coast to Coast in NZ. I have five weeks to maintain peak physical fitness and learn to whitewater kayak. Should be easy.
Babus is wearing the Tall Boy. Good for campfires, hiding sandwiches and winter training.
I may be running backwards.

Edited by Paul

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