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Hungarian Chub Fishing

Adam conned me into going chub fishing with him and Zombar. He won't manage that again. Probably. Give me Asp guys - you can keep your non-existent Hungarian chub FFS. I actually think they're taking the piss and that this is some sort of Hungarian joke that only they understand, like Palinka. When I asked Adam how many fish he thought he had caught out of this stretch he said 100. "A hundred?" I said thinking he was making it up. No, he meant it. "How many trips?" "About 20".

I said: "So that means an average of five per visit?". He agreed (Adam may win some Nobel prize for killing mice or some other shit by the way, so it's not like he's a daft as he looks).
I said: "Well what are you waiting for? Catch five now! And if you do I'll give you a Sage Rod." Not because I didn't think it was possible, it would be great to give Adam a Sage Rod - this is Babus' oldest brother and so I have to be careful - but I figured this would be more fun and I was genuinely interested to see what happened and how quickly he would give up. Adam may be the Hungarian Flyfishing Team captain - and I know they beat the English Ladies in the last European Championship for example - but even Adam won't be able to catch fish where there aren't any....

He's still there now, one week later.

By the way, Babus features in the Sexyloops Calendar, so it's not just Manshit.

Edited by Paul

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