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Getting to grips with the Analyzer

Myself and a few others on the Board have Casting Analyzers - Magnum has one for example. As does Walter and Lasse. I suppose Bruce has one too. Anyway the Casting Analyzer is a gizmo which records the rotation of the rod handle over a period of time and plots its rotational acceleration. It was developed by Noel Perkins and Bruce Richards. On a basic level we can use this as a instructors' tool to clearly analyse elements of the basic cast - and compare them to expert casts if we so wish. And while we're going to do that, we're also going to use it to analyse more complex casts which will hopefully further our understanding.
The cast you see on the right was taken just before the Scottish Meet. And there are some issues with it. For one thing the backcast arc is narrower that the forward arc - and I don't think it should be. This probably has to do with the way I moved the rod (it's me casting the 170 arc) and I suspect I twisted the gyro at some point. But I'm not sure because this is still new stuff for me. Today I attempted to get a better reading along with some video footage but I wasn't particularly happy with my casts - hopefully I can get this right tomorrow or over the weekend. In the meantime I'd like to use this existing stuff as a model so we can understand what it is that we are looking at, and hopefully I can then get better readings. For example Noel has already told me that I have to keep the rod still at the beginning!FYI this is a carry of around 85-90 ft [flyline to hand], not an earth shaking cast, just a relaxed distance stroke.
OK let's see what Bruce and Noel make of it over on the Board.

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