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The Adventures of the Pink Psycho - Fishing with Chris and Amy

Chris brings Amy to the Mancamp. There's a discussion as to whether Amy is allowed to enter the Mancamp or even know where it is. Amy points out that she is Head Chef for the night and if Chris and Paul want to eat anything they'd better let her in and so it is decided that she is allowed entry after all - but the men don't take her to the real Mancamp of course.. so anyway, Chris gets really lucky the next day and catches two fish - well done Chris; we're all really happy for you, especially Paul who only got one shot all day, and that was to a doggo trout. Next time Paul should choose the river because he's obviously much better at picking rivers than you, since your choice was crap.
By the way, Paul says you're a great fisherman, a wonderful friend and please don't fuck with his TCRs.

Edited by Grandma

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