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The Adventures of the Pink Psycho - Mystery River X

The next six months will make Sexyloops and possibly flyfishing. With no young anglers there is no future. It will die and all but the few hard core - me for example - will be left.

Interesting thought, huh?

We plan - mainly me actually - to bring young people into flyfishing (23yr old women) to compensate for all those older guys who are currently being reborn, sent to heaven, hell or whatever it is you or they believe [if they're lure bashers then it's probably hell of course].

It's a strange world where people are shaped by what they read in papers, see on TV or read on the Internet. Give me the Internet - no censorship, no censorship, no censorship.

Give me stars, campfires, flyfishing, nymphomaniacs, life.

Tomorrow I fush.
And I fish hard.

Edited by Paul

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