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The Adventures of the Pink Psycho - Saturday

Not entirely sure what to make of this place. An interesting fast flowing glacier river, with a gorge as the entry point. Fished it last year - I think I landed two six pounders from memory. Went through with Peter on my birthday. I think Peter was a little bit alarmed at some of the river crossings - possibly just as well I didn't take him to my first choice then (which involves one swim and around 40 technical crossings).
Saw three fish in a short run, just before the gorge, one spooked as I was pulling myself upstream, the next spooked when I failed to make the difficult cast (and hooked the tree between me and the fish), the third spooked while I was retying my leader (I know not why, possibly just worked out I was there or else one of the other fish gave it away).
Above the gorge, got four shots in 7 miles. First one I didn't make the cast (yet again), second one may have made me - dunno - was a good fish however. Third took and gave a fantastic fight which involved me sprinting after the fish - seven pounds. Last one I thought was an eel, ended up being an out-of-condition possible double.
Also spooked one when I almost stepped on him. It's hard to continually read water when there's not much to read, not many fish and you've decided to walk the bastard into the ground - which I didn't manage.
I may go in again, less fish that last year - then I went in early - but there's possible good water at the top and I think it's worth the exploration.

Edited by Paul

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