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The Adventures of the Pink Psycho - Canterbury

Not much to write home about today, dear. The river I was hoping would clear didn't. But that's OK, it's given me a chance to catch up with emails, organise the Pink Psycho - yeah I know, no one believes it's organised, but that's only because they don't understand my system, go for a run, refit the bottom engine protection plate (man do I need that) and tie fluff.
I don't have any fluff to show you however because I haven't started that part of my day yet.
When these rivers clear it's going to be carnage, and if they don't I'll make a quick shift over to a spring creek or lake. In fact I may head over the Coast for a few days - Hechte Peter doesn't arrive until the 25th.
As we say around here, it's all about to happen. And I'm ready for it...
Quite colourful these PoDs, aren't they?

Edited by Paul

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