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The Adventures of the Pink Psycho

Managed to spend most of the day clearing my inbox and catching up on things, consequently only got a couple of hours in, but what a couple of hours!
Looks like I can make it happen again. Accurate sight casting to browns between four and five pounds. I spotted 14, got my fly in right at 13 - one required a snap shot and in going in I stood on a broken branch and spooked the fish.
Fishing a size 14 Bibio variant on the drop (ie freefall - no movement), had seven takes and six refusals, lost one at the net when the line wrapped around the reel handle and released the other six. I'm happy here to land two or three fish, so I'm buzzing.
And Peter had fish too!
Tomorrow - conditions being right - we fish my favourite flat in NZ..

Now I wonder why I had six refusals..?

Edited by Paul

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