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Picture of the Day

Camo-Guy, "The Mugwai Hunters are back!"
Six-Pound Sean, "Yeah and this time we're not looking for some stupid existential fish just so we can catch and eat it. No, this time we are looking for something tangiable - something we can really get our teeth into."
Camo-Guy, "Yeah and we'll be wearing camouflage again. Yeeha!"
Garry, "Yeah, and we'll ALL have radios this time, big daddy-o, 10-2."
Deano, "Camouflage? Kinky!"
Paul, "Lock up your goldfish!"
Camo-Guy, "Kinky Camouflage, Kinky Camouflage, Kinky Camouflage... now watch me move my hips"
Deano, "Yeah, take it down Camo-Guy, listen to me make the fat bass to your gyrations... doomph, g'doomph, doomph, g'doomph..."
Six-Pound Sean, "I feel gravity: watch me jump, backwards, forwards, backwards, forwards."
Garry, "I'm going to yodel now... YODOLODEEDOOO."
Paul, "Look I've got this cool guitar! Listen to this!"
Six-Pound Sean, "NO, get that bloody guitar off him..."
Paul, "What? Gerroff, bastards.... mmfphh."
Aaron, "Guys, guys, GUYS!"
Six-Pound Sean, "What?"
Aaron, "What's the mission this time?"
Six-Pound Sean, "It's not a mission, Aaron; it's an operation."
Camo-Guy, "An operation? Cool."
Garry, "What sort of operation, Seanie?"
Six-Pound Sean, "Operation Compound Curvature."
Garry, "Compound Curvature? What the fuck's that?"
Six-Pound Sean, "I've no idea Garry, that's why they've called us in."
Aaron, "I thought you said it was something tangiable - something we could get our teeth into, you said."
Garry, "Yeah I heard him say that too, Aaron."
Six-Pound Sean, "Well I was wrong."

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