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*crackle crackle*
*crackle crackle*
Aaron: "Who's there?"
"It's God."
"Oh fuck!.. I mean, erm, hang on, no I didn't mean that, I meant great... I think... it's Aaron here, God"
"I know"
"Bollocks... no I meant, well what a surprise it is, meeting you here, I was just fishing and minding my own business and being perfectly good, you were the last supernatural being I expected to run into. Oh well, don't want to be taking up any more of your time. I'll bugger off... erm, I'll go away now. Nice meeting you however. Fantastic place you have here - Earth that is. Dig your work. Seeya!"
"Erm, yes God?"
"I want you to do something for me."
"Oh fuck..."

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