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Simple Clouser

Tying simple Clousers

Hook is a size 1 Gamakatsu SL12

Eye size depends on how deep you want the fly to go

Thread is Danvilles 210 denier

Step 1: Tie on the Eyes
Leave yourself plenty of room between the hook eye and the eyes. Many tie the eyes too close to the hook eye - they should be approx 1/3rd hook shank length back.
For tyers of freshwater flies, tying saltwater flies has one big change - USE PLENTY OF THREAD and make it strong - set the eyes in place with a drop of super glue into the bindings.

Step 2: Add the Bottom Wing
Invert the hook. Take a clump of white bucktail - how much you use will depend on the size of the fly - tie it in in front of the eyes.
Tie in the flash on top of this 4 strands of silver 3 strands of pearl - each doubled over so you're left with 8 silver and 6 pearl (approximately). Leave the flash slightly longer than the bucktail.

Step 3: Add the top wing
It should be approx 1/3rd the thickness of the white wing.
Put plenty of head cement between all layers (I use Hard as Nails).
A common mistake is to tie these flies too bulky.

Weedless Tip 1: To prevent the weed catching on the eyes fill in the gap between the eye of the hook and the eyes with epoxy or UV cement or some sort of thick head cement.

Weedless Tip 2: try tying these clousers on 60degree jig hooks - these are fantastic for avoiding weeds and snags.

Peter Morse
by Morsie

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