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Picture of the Day
Mission SS

"Garry, Jimbo, Aaron! Long time no see!"
"Who said that?"
"Me! Camo-Guy"
"Is that you Camo-Guy? Are you invisible again?"
"Yes that's right little fella, you can't see me and that's because I'm wearing camouflage"
"Ah! So you are here Camo-Guy!"
"Who said that?"
"It's me: Deano! 10-3"
"Is that you Deano? Are you invisible too?"
"Why of course I'm invisible; I'm a Stealth Master"
"Are you wearing camouflage stockings, Deano?"
"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not"
"What about you, Camo-Guy, are you wearing camouflage stockings too?"
"Yes of course, and they are silky smooth"

Edited by Paul

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