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Picture of the Day
Mission SS

"Wickam's Fancy. Y"
"Yellow Zonker. R"
"Red Setter. R. Back to you, Garry"
"Bugger... Roe Fly. Y"
"Roe Fly? That doesn't count. You just made that up!"
"What about the Glowbug then, that's a Roe Fly ain't it? You're not too bright today, are you Aaron?"
"Not too bright? What are you talking about? Have you forgotten the rules again? You have to use a specific fly name; you can't bring in some generic pattern of your own invention"
"I didn't invent the Glowbug, Aaron. Now don't be such a moron. Y"
"You didn't say Glowbug; you said Roe Fly. That doesn't count!"
"Well what the hell is a Glowbug if it's not a Roe Fly then?"
"Guys, guys... Rendezvous Mystery Location X"
*dramatic pause*
"Look, Roe Fly is not the name of a specific pattern - so you can't have it."
"OK, OK, I know I'm right, but for you I'll make an exception, just this once, and only because you're a moron: Red Ant. T"
"QUERY! Tying please?"
"OK, Brown thread, Flashpoint BIN18, Partridge Red Seal's fur tied in two blobs, Ginger Cock tied figure-of-eight"
"Flashpoint BIN18? That's a helluva hook"

Edited by Paul

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