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Picture of the Day
Mission SS

*crackle crackle*
"Muggus One to Big Fish, Muggus One to Big Fish. Over"
*crackle crackle*
"Muggus One to Big Fish. Come in Big Fish. Over"
"Muggus One, this is Big Fish. Over"
"Ah ha! Over"
"Hee hee hee. Muggus One, what is your location? Over"
"Rendezvous Mystery Location X. Over"
"Rendezvous Mystery Location X?"
"erm, Over"
"Yes. Over"
"Are you sure? Over"
"Quite sure. What is your ETA, Big Fish? Over"
"Have arrived. And are waiting at Rendezvous Mystery Location X. Over"
"Please repeat, I thought you said you were waiting at Rendezvous Mystery Location X! Over"
"Affirmative. Over"
"You're talking bollocks, how can we both be at Rendezvous Mystery Location X? Get a grip, man!"
"Look here, dickhead, I may be invisible but I know where I am. It is you who is lost"
"Wait! I think I hear voices"

Edited by Paul

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