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"Arden's entrance to the fly-casting stand at Chatsworth was truly sensational"!!!

Magnus Magnum from the board, recently noted that there's a strong resemblance between Steve Rajeff and Saddam Hussein.

Ryan writes:

I suggested Rajeff arrive at a game fair casting from the top of a tank, with shades on, helmet and medals like the guy Kenny Everett used to parody!! You then arrived in a Ford Capri Gia with go faster stripes and chick (called Tracey) in white stilletoes in the passenger seat. You commence casting from the sunroof with the dukes of hazard air horn going in the car!!

"From Loomis, Steve, Saddam Rajeff!!!!"
"Representing Sage, Paul "Pikey" Arden!!!"
"Let battle commence"!!

You then try to take each other out with carefully aimed casts.

Now would that not liven up a game fair or what?

And they think I've lost the plot. :-)

Edited by Paul

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