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Picture of the Day
Uncle Sammy meets God.

God: Uncle Sam; I want to have words
Uncle Sam: Hello, who's there?
God: It's me; God
Uncle Sam: Oh fuck, I mean, why hello, good to see you again, my my, look at the time, must be getting along...
God: Sammy?
US: Yes God?
God: There's a problem.
US: Not Vietnam again?
God: Nope, not this time.
US: Oh.. fuck, I mean, no, not Iraq?
God: Nope.
US: What then? We've been good recently.
God: Paul Arden, Mr Sexyloops, The Dude.

Dale says: I'm goning to bed now, Goodnight, Paul, turn the computer off when you finish.

US: Go away Dale; I'm having a talk to God here and it's very important. This is America; land of the free.
God: So, anyway, as I was saying; I'm fed up with your hypocrisy and I've decided to strike you all down with plague.
US: But God, the dude smokes seal fur..
God: That's why I invented it.
US: He's completely fucked up and is an anarchist.
God: I made him in mine image.
US: He shags all our women and is very good in bed.
God: Well, he's not married and has the perfect dick.
US: So what should we do?
God: Make him President of the United States. Give him a job. He needs one.

Edited by Grandma

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