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Picture of the Day
Uncle Sammy and Paul get it on.

Paul: Hello Unky.
Uncle Sam: I want YOU in prison!
Paul: Right.
US: We don't like druggies, keep your God Damn Seal's Fur pipes to lawless lands such as New Zealand and Canada. Countries which aren't as free as us, damn it.
Paul: Didn't Bill Clinton smoke marijuana?
US: Yes but he didn't inhale.
Paul: Amateur. Monica didn't swallow either.
US: You just can't get the staff nowadays.
Paul: I think you can go fuck yourself.
US: You mean you aren't going to kiss my ass?
Paul: Nope it's fat.
US: But I like fat.
Paul: Dude, I don't care if you have a fat arse and big tits, I'm not kissing your arse, Sammy.
US: Don't you like me?
Paul: Sam, some of my best friends are American; I love them. They're wonderful people; they can visit me and you can go to hell.
Sammy: But Pall, I'm Mr America, God's gift to the World, everyone loves me.
Paul: Well I'm Mr Sexyloops and I can tell you nobody cares; you're the same as everyone else.

Edited by Grandma

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