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Day 2

I've been trying to work out how many fish we landed today. Probably 30. I know we took the took the first six on nymphs; Tongariro style - which technically speaking isn't allowed - but let's face it, what does flyfishing mean to you: a 6-inch lure or a size 12 nymph on a trailer? Weird.
Anyway, Day 2 was interesting and we're learning. Matts showed me some cool lure stuff which nail the first four or five fish and then we turn around and nymph the rest. There are a lot of 4-6 lb fish in the river, a few over eight and the odd BIG fish over 10.
We keep meeting people fishing for Cutts, not understanding why we're fishing for Bulls. As Matt says, "How many fish did they catch over three pounds today? None. How many fish did we catch under three pounds today, Paul? None."
And contrary to popular opinion - by those who've apparently never done it - these fish fight like hell.
And besides; they eat Cutts for breakfast.

Edited by Paul

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