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Following the late night campfire, Dead Caddis Dave gets up early and sneaks off for an early morning fish. He wakes me up two hours later to tell me he caught twelve - unfortunately however, he forgot to photograph any of them. Which has a familiar ring to it..
Anyway, let's not talk about Dave's honesty, let's talk about Dave's secret spots. Because today he took me to another of them. It was such a secret in fact, that even the fish didnn't know about it. At one point Dave said, "This must be the most beautiful fishless stretch of water I've ever fished... fun isn't it?".
Actually he didn't say, "fun isn't it?" - I just made that bit up - what Dave did in fact say was, "Let's stroll back to car and fish somewhere else, maybe the spot where I caught twelve fish - or was it thirteen? - while you were sleeping this morning"
We were fishing between bridges and it was only a short stroll according to Dave, who is also a bit of a map expert. Two hours later - two hours of hot sweaty, bankside bush bashing I might add - we emerged from the undergrowth.
I'm not sure why I did it really, but it seemed like such a good idea at the time. I thought, "Hell, I'll borrow Dave's neoprene waders, I know that it's a bit of a tight squeeze trying to fit them into my boots as well as my feet, but I'll be warm as toast and dry as well. I know that guys who wear waders are pussies, but a bit of comfort every once in a while won't go to make me completely soft."
I was warm, that's true. Dry, well no, I wasn't dry. A pussy? Not really, I don't think so - not this time anyway. Here's a little tip for you, it could be a Viking Tip: don't wear neoprenes in the summer: you'll die.
Incidentally, I'm finding it hard to keep up my usual levels of overwhelming enthusiasm. Today I didn't catch any Supa Novas. Or in fact anything. That's the interesting thing about Supa Nova Scotia, a good day can be twelve fish totalling six ounces. Today I lost one of about 3 ounces. I was quite devastated at the time. I may have to rethink my technique. Trying to catch the fish in midflight can lead to loses. If you have any special advice for landing one and two ounce fish then please let me know. You can never have too much information.
PS there are sandlfies here - I forgot to mention that.

Edited by Paul

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