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Wednesday: I'm just looking for friends really, a few chicks and of course the Big Fish

So, why the fuck has the bluetooth light come on? Anyway, what next?
Well good you asked. The Magnificent 7 (with flyrods). I haven't really started editing The Revolution - Against God (it's a love story), but I will soon.
We're also going for the global domination thing, so be ready for that. You'll need a six weight, and possibly a 12. We're taking no prisoners. All we have to do is convert to fly fishing and we win. So get to work!
[small print: none has to fish as much as us, but anyone can if they want. Feel better?]
I'm writing this while [slightly] stoned by the way... just in case you were still wondering.
Haven't caught any Imaginary Tarpon yet - but here's hoping.
Bit weird this, Sexyloops. But fuck it; I was bored.
I'm now searching for some music. Get down funky ass brothers - oh oh, Magnus, here comes God. Yeah yeah yeah. Do I believe?
Interesting question.... Yeah it's not chance. So I don't know what he's like, but he gave me a weird twisted sense of humour. So he must be fucked up like me. That's lucky.
So there's my religion. God's a cool guy. So over to you God:
Well thanks to The Dude there, he's a wonderful chap, when he's not wanking. Too much information I know. Love, God.
So, hang on, God, how do we make the world a better place (not that I'm complaining)? Do we wish more? Is that the meaning to life? Cos if so, it's not a bad one. If I invented one, this would be it. So well done. erm, I talk too much.... so I'm thinking of having group sex with three friends, God. Will I go to hell?
Fuck me, what if God wants to be our sexual partners, what then? I hope she has nice tits, that's all I can say.
So my God's a chick. Well a hell of a lot of people got that wrong didn't they?? I wonder if she's into threesomes? I hope so. Over to you god...dess?
Whichever. [deep voice] I'm also a man, Paul... And you're also a woman so that's cool.
How did you do that, God..? and don't undress me so quickly. Gotta go. God's calling.

When everyone believes in God the world is perfect. Is perfection worth attaining? I don't know what perfect is - no shit Paul - but I still think you can fuckup there.

Announcement: Next month you're invited to the Full Moon Flyfishing Party, here on Hebgen Lake. Bring your own Seal's Fur. Oh yeah I'd like to give Carlos' demo for him. That's a note for me. Perfect night.

So... what do you get up to at night? I like to have fun. And if it wasn't for the fucking bears I'd sleep outside more.

Edited by Paul

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