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So, yeah.. like yesterday I caught twenty-odd fish. The biggest around a pound and a bit, the smallest an ounce or so. OK so we're not going to need the McLean weighnet at the moment. But hang on, they are beautiful. Brook trout, especially those that have been to the sea - and many of yesterday's had apparently - are quite exquisite. And they're taking dries.
I guess brook trout are like fine women - size doesn't really matter.
So anyway, today we fished a lake. I caught two browns, one supa nova, one yellow perch (as opposed to a blue one?), a roach, and some brookies. If the total catch weighed more than a pound I'd be amazed.. but it was fun. The company is great, the campfires fantastic, the scenery is pretty good, and the locals friendly. There's not much more you can ask for really.
It's great to be outdoors again.
PS. Bob your Deer Hair Emerger kicks ass.
PPS very shortly it will have emergered - and it won't be pretty.
PPPS Labatts Blue.. Manshit.

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