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Sunday: it's all about to happen...

OK, it's picking up. Only three fish (it may have been four but I don't think so - the other two were rainbows), all long fish, with big tails and pretty. Fought well. Difficult to get on. Not quite oncers, they'd come up two or three times and go down. To get them you had to be quick. I tried fishing the area but it seemed more productive to chase them down. I used to do this early summer on Ardleigh rowing a row-boat backwards; the kayak is better.
I think it's all about to happen.
On this lake I reckon a good evening is four or five good fish landed, and I've had a few 10-12 fish plus evenings, but they're rare.
I think I can do better though...
By the way, this is more fun than sex (with one woman anyway).

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