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Monday: Fish Ugly

So today we caught some real ugly fish - oops - hang on, today I caught perhaps some of the most beautiful fish I've ever encountered and not only were they extremely beautiful but quite intelligent as well I should think. (You have to be careful what you say around here; America is a poor country and that makes them a little more sensitive than the rest of us).
I know what you're thinking: "Bullshit, Paul, I don't think American people are so poverty stricken that they have to live off the land, and that this is why the State/Government stock the rivers. If they wanted to feed the locals surely they wouldn't do it by stocking the rivers - but instead would create jobs or find a fairer system of wealth distribution?" - well apparently it's true. The White River - world class fishery - is really a soup kitchen for out of work hillbillies.
Here in Illinois it's big and it's ugly, but they don't care because they like it that way.

Edited by Paul

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