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The Magnificent.. Friday

Fishing with Wayne on one of his Honey Holes. When it rains here it sure rains. The dutch guy - who's name I temporarily have forgotten, I know I know - did catch a big fish, but I didn't see it so it doesn't count. Wayne got lucky and landed a couple and I had one which wasn't very big. There were quite a few other fish caught as well but I'm not counting anything under two pounds on this river since there are 800,000 of them.
I'm planning on finding my way back to Wayne's Honey Hole - either by kayak or else wading in - before I leave here, but of course I won't tell him, not unless I catch a twenty - hang on, thirty - pounder, in which case I'll be telling him for the next three years.
Good fun - thanks Wayne and Jeanie for your fantastic hospitality. I saw Dave today but forgot to give him some brownies. I suspect that by tomorrow they will have melted, which would be a disaster - but I won't let that happen. I'll give him the tin instead. He may find it useful - perhaps for flytying. He may tie a shad pattern with it. See you next year sometime. Cheers!

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