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The Magnificent.. Saturday

So we get up at four, AM, so we can catch some bluegills. Davy had a bit of a problem waking up of course, but I was up like a shot. I think we had two bluegills, but it's all a bit fuzzy - what I'm saying is there may have been more or I may have dreamt that up. I go back to bed at 9 - so that's normal. And then we fish the evening. Not much is happening until we switch from nymphing - just picking up random rainbows and then nothing - over to bigger stuff. Pretty rainbow and Davy knocks out a brown...
Later, I'm out on my own - four rainbows and a walleye.
So anyway, it's been a quite good, long, interrupted day. Nothing electric, but nothing crap either - well the lake was crap, but I dreamt that bit.
It's now four again (of course) and I'm wondering if the bass are on?
Good fishery - this river. World class in fact. Just wish they didn't stock it so hard for the bait boys. In fact I wish they wouldn't stock it at all. Then it would be absolutely amazing.

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