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The Magnificent.. Tuesday

Despite the fact that I'm making the transition over to night fishing (because I want a twenty... hang on... thirty pound brown) I managed to get up in time to fish with some of the weekend leftovers, including Al and Chuck as well as Shane (who's a good fisherman, hell they're all good fishermen), Jim, Bob and Wayne (who's good at standing on one leg - as well as fishing of course: he's caught a twenty pound brown - but let's not talk about that).
Lucky barstool.
Caught four walleye tonight - I know; "what the fuck are they, Paul?"
"No idea, but they're ugly"
- as well as some respectable fish even for New Zealand, and I'm not even in New Zealand (because it's winter).
The lights are weird aren't they? (and the fog). It's like Close Encounters of the Thirty Pound Kind.
It's OK I'll be asleep soon... one of the walleye (am I spelling this right?) swam two feet in front of me... and I nailed it. So that was cool. Nice browns - probably a four pounder in there, landed around a dozen in the Close Encounters and a bunch on scuds during the day (but those were aquarium fish). It's all go round here...

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