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The Magnificent.. Sunday

So there I was practicing my distance casting for the weekend when two guys stop for a chat; Jim and Jeff. Now it's a fishing trip. Had a great day, caught some fish, learned some stuff.
This is the White River, which is a pretty amazing river - a tailwater fishery with super cold water, it produces large fish. They've had a 19lb rainbow and out of here and from the North Fork (or Norfork - which is why I couldn't find it on the map) - browns up to fourty pounds.
So it's pretty bloody serious, but it's also fucked. You see, the State stock this river fish pan sized trout every week so that bait fishermen will come here for their weekend fishing trips. It's a case of money before the environment. Although the section we fished was catch and release (and relatively entertaining fishing) many of the fish we caught were just plain old stockies.
Davy Wotton lives around here - haven't met Dave since my Chatsworth days. Must get in touch..
Thanks to Jim and Jeff for a fantastic day!

Edited by Paul

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