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The Magnificent PoD series

Bringing it to you with a brand new, all-exciting POD series... The Magnificent.
The beginnings live in Supa Nova Scotia, fishing with Dead Caddis Dave - DCD - local Sexyloops Guru - check out the BIG Fish. It's not very often BIG Fish like this are caught here, but with my awesome - hang on - MAGNIFICENT (and superior) casting skills - and flytying expertise - I NAILED it. Two of. Supa Novas.
DaveDC says he caught two as well but he "forgot to take pictures" - so it's up to you if you believe him.
Me, I'm sceptical. He may have imagined he caught one - or two even - but without photographic evidence I'm not so easily convinced. I mean the dude has two cameras. If you had two cameras and you caught a Supa Nova here in Nova Scotia - of enormous proportions - you'd take a picture, right??
Maybe he just caught a small one...

More excitement tomorrow.

Edited by Paul

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