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Fishing with Lisa part 21

One of the great things about New Zealand bush is that no matter how lost you become, so long as you keep pretending you're not, no one will be any the wiser. For this reason I never carry a compass. Here I'm telling Lisa that we're nearly there. Wherever there is. She believed me of course.

One of the great things about getting lost is that it's all relative. We decided that we would go fishing in the bush for a few days and that's exactly what we are doing, so we're not lost; we are found.

Face East - looking forwards - and if you stand in the UK the sun is to your right, in NZ it's the left. That's how we know that we're on a globe and not being transported into another dimension. Unless of course they worked that out too.

I'd better go to bed now.

Edited by Paul

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