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Fishing with Lisa part 17

The pack that Lisa is modelling in this photo is a Vortex Backpack, from the same company who are William Joseph. You will notice that it is quite full and Lisa appears to be struggling to make this climb. One of it's many features is a moulded harness carrying system for close fitted comfort. The reason Lisa is struggling her way through the bush is because Paul has managed to get them stuck the wrong side of the river. Another feature of this excellent pack, is that it sports reversed zips, which makes it more durable and perfect for... well, this basically . Lisa should never have listened to Paul in the first place and this will teach her a useful lesson, one of ten in fact. In addition to its many other features, the top of the backpack neatly converts into a bumbag suitable for carrying spare reels, tramping food and a hairbrush for that all-important bushgirl look.

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Edited by Bill

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