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Lightshift - Winter Gacka

Well it may be slightly off topic for you, but I think the iPhone 5 is pretty crap. It doesn't want to charge, it doesn't release its photos and I can't buy a decent cover for it anywhere. I would have bought a replacement 4S (for the one I took swimming) but couldn't get one, and besides you would think the latest would be the greatest, but apparently not.

Anyway, took Ria on a spontaneous Gacka fishing trip. I explained that if she was to have any opportunity at having more than a passing thing with a guy like me then she would have to become a professional flyfishing chick and not only one who looks good in boots. So we went a fished a very flooded River Gacka.

1) See? And see?
2) I make a friend, who eats moles.
3) I'd have fished the bunny if it was low anyway.
5) splosh splosh
6) Pick up an out-of-season brownie while demonstrating how-to-do-it
7) A new bridge, which (a) I have mixed feelings about and (b) is truly an improvement for access
8) It will change the river that's for sure. 9) I've never seen it this high before!

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