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Ukraine - Oleg's photos

So it turns out that my Russian friend's name, who I couldn't remember and so called Shatov, is actually called Paul.

Edited by Paul

It's all about to happen...

Fuck me, "It's all about to happen..." is Sean's expression from 13 years ago and we're still using it! Erm, this is the group. Always start with a group photo because who knows what will happen?

First cast...

... and catch a fish! I needn't have fished for the rest of the day or almost all of the next one (apart from the last cast) as it transpired - but I didn't know it then.

Looking pretty smug (hadn't made the second cast yet). Lena has hooked up too, but on her backcast.

Arab Flycasting - with a tea towel on my head.

Heil Hitler! Erm, it's the technique, not to be taken literally of course.

3000 casts later... still fishing!

Collapsed Roll Cast. It's a good one.

Last cast!

The release.

With Oleg!

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